Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Where did it all start?

I blame my Nain and Taid! When I was growing up in the 90s they had a timeshare in Malta and visited the island at least once a year, sometimes two or three times. Each visit led to me receiving a postcard from them, so now when friends or family go on holiday, I expect a postcard!

I was always amazed that over the years, they never sent me the same postcard twice!

Through school and University I received postcards from friends who were on holidays, and when my Nain visited places in the UK with her social club, she would often send me a postcard telling me of her adventures.

I love travelling, and receiving a postcard just makes me want to travel more. I have done some travelling in north eastern USA and around Europe, but my reasoning behind this exchange is to prevent me from getting stuck where I am, by constantly reminding me of all the other places I still need to visit!

I'm also using the postcards I receive to decorate my room. I gave it a bit of a headstart with my existing collection, but hope it can grow over the coming months and years!

Postcard collection end of Jan 2014

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