Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Czech Republic

Hana sent me this street view postcard from Vilemnice. This is a very popular place for tourists to visit as the street comes from the main square and goes uphill. Each house was built slightly closer to the road so that they could see what was happening in the main square! It's called Nosy Street! Such a clever idea!

Many thanks for the postcard and the story.


I received this multiview card from Adam and Zuzana, a newly wed couple who live in the Jeseniky mountains for the Czech Republic. This was my first official postcrossing card from the CZ, and I look forward to getting some more.

Thanks so much for the postcard, and wishing you both wedded bliss together.


Jessica went on a small trip around Europe and had agreed to send me some postcards from her travels. On her way from Scandinavia to the Czech Republic she travelled on a sleeper train for the first time (something I've never done!) Apparently splitting the trains at 2am is no fun, but the weather has been a lot warmer than she had planned for.

Thanks for the postcard and can't wait to hear more of your adventures!


This is a special postcard from Paja, which has a Postcrossing postmark on it! As a newbie to Postcrossing, I was keen to swap for this. Because it is so special, I received this postcard in an envelope with some other drawn postcards showing Czech Easter scenes and animals - I love the dogs!

Thanks so much for the swap!


This HUGE postcard arrived from Lenka. I responded to her request for postcards for her daughter's birthday. All of these places are local to her and I would dearly love to visit them one day with you and your daughter to show me around and tell me the local stories!

Thanks for the card and invite to visit, and hope the project goes well.


Marek contacted me via Couchsurfing. He seemed really keen to exchange postcards so we swapped addresses. I wasn't expecting an envelope from the Czech Republic, so when one landed on my doormat, I was a bit confused. What I found inside was 6 postcards from Marek and his local Couchsurfing friends! Thank you sooooo much!
This rock feature is AMAZING! My brother goes rock climbing and I can imagine him getting a bit excited if he saw this!

I love the colourful meadows in this postcard. With the rolling hills and the wooden chalets, it reminds me of Switzerland a bit, except there would be snow on the hills!

This area must have some fascinating geology, as this postcard shows! I love how the trees are all changing colour with the autumn, but you can still clearly see the rockfaces.

Another amazing rock feature! The more I look at this photo the more people I see who have obviously climbed to the top! I can imagine it's a nice place for a picnic on a blue sky day like in the photo!

Thanks Petra!

This looks like some kind of holiday camp... so different to the American summer camps and British family camps that I know well.

Thanks Kristyna!

I don't know why, but I was slightly surprised to see skiing on a postcard from the Czech Republic! I guess you must have a lot more snow than we get in the UK, so it was nice to see some snow. And appropriate given the Winter Olympics that are on at the moment!

Thanks Marek!


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