Thursday, 13 February 2014


My friend Jessica went on a short trip around Europe and her first stop was Norway! She stayed with a family in Bergen who were very friendly and helpful. Apparently there are lots of hills in Norway, with some good views from the top (she cheated and got the train!)

Thanks for the postcard and I'll make a note to spend some time in Norway on my Scandinavian adventure this summer.


Another postcard from Lill, this time showing the stunning Aurora Borealis over where she grew up. Apparently if you wave at them with a white cloth they will move faster and come closer. In Norway, it is said that the Aurora is the souls of dead virgins which make it so beautiful, or that it is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Either way, breathtaking!

Thanks for the postcard and glad to hear your project is going well.


I found Lill on Couchsurfing, and she told me about her project - Postcard to Mother Earth. By sending postcards around the world she is trying to connect people who might otherwise be too afraid to get out there and explore for themselves.
Now, as a solo traveller, I'm used to facing questions by less confident friends and family about how I do it, why I do it, etc etc etc... so this is a project that I can see benefiting many people. I have shared it on my Facebook group, and hope that it encourages some curious minds to wander a bit further than the garden gate!

Thanks Lill for the postcard, and maybe see you and Janis one day on my travels!

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