Thursday, 27 February 2014


Another vintage card from Belgium, this was an "official" postcrossing card sent by Jo. He told me that pigeon racing used to be very popular in Belgium and there are still some people racing pigeons today. As a child, most of the retired men on his street kept pigeons and they were released from the French Border to "race" home to the coop.

Thanks so much for the card and the information about this sadly declining sport.


One of my favourite parts of the postcrossing forum is checking out all the TAG threads. This one (Rescue a Sinking TAG) caught my eye and I decided to "rescue" a thread from the last page (photograph of an animal). Sandra had similar ideas to me, and sent me this lovely postcard of a comfy looking dog reading the headlines! I have only really passed through Belgium, but my next proper trip round Europe I will definitely make some time to visit it properly.

Thanks so much for the postcard, and for rescuing the Love TAG.


This gorgeous postcard from the Grand Place in Brussels was sent by Bonnie, who I met via postcrossing. I love the architecture, it's very Dutch with tall narrow buildings with the intricate tops. I wouldn't like to be a window cleaner here though!

Thanks so much for the postcard!

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