Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A week away...

So, the last week in January I went on holiday to Malta with a friend from University. I last visited with my family in 1997 so was keen to see how much had changed! We stayed with some friends of my Grandparents, who were great and we were treated like family.

We were very organised and had a list of places we wanted to visit, and things to see and do in each place. The weather wasn't fantastic, but it didn't rain everyday, and all the showers only lasted half an hour (unlike at home when it can rain for 48 hours non stop!)

I had already started my Postcard Exchange idea before the trip, but had decided to only send postcards from Malta to friends and family. This still resulted in around 10 being sent, so we spent a lot of time sitting in cafes writing postcards and eating delicious cakes!

First postcards received 2014
Upon my return to a rather cold and wet Wales, I was very happy to see a small pile of postcards waiting for me on the table! My first postcards from Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. I'm not sure which one was the very first, but massive thanks to Isabelle, Erika, Fiona, Kelly and Kamonwan for sending me some delightful postcards!

I loved reading about the Chinese New Year celebrations in Vancouver and the food markets in Taipei (including some funny comments on the food themed stamps). I was interested that they are fans of Midsomer Murders and Sherlock in Borneo, and that cats are a common pet in Indonesia. I even got an invite to visit Thailand!

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