Thursday, 13 February 2014


Ayu sent me this lovely postcard showing "Golden Hour" at West Kalimantan. It certainly lives up to the name! She lives in Central Java and we swapped postcards via facebook. I look forward to swapping again in the future.

Thanks for the postcard.


Hanny sent me this view of Kelimutu volcano, which is famous for its multi-coloured lakes. Although I love nature, I'm not sure if I would be tempted to climb a volcano, but I'm sure the view is spectacular from the top!

Thanks for the postcard and good luck with your studies.


This delightful little Penguin postcard came from Fida, who shared her swap album on a group. I love penguins, so couldn't resist requesting one of her many postcards. I think this is an Adelie Penguin, because of the characteristic white ring around its eye. Very cute!

Thanks for my first Penguin postcard!


I received this beautiful postcard of some cats in Java from Erika. She had taken the time to look at my Couchsurfing profile and noticed that I do Pet Photography, so sent me a postcard of her friends cats, with a bit of a story about each (unfortunately the darker one died recently). All of my current Cat photos are of street cats I've found on my travels, so it was nice to see well cared for cats in other countries.

Thanks Erika for this postcard, and give Emen a cuddle from me!

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