Thursday, 27 February 2014


Amiya sent me this colourful postcard from India. She says that the Commonwealth "signifies a group of countries with similar challenges, issues and aspirations, because of their similar histories. She likes learning from others. Her favourite part of the Games was the Gymnasrics and Diving.

Thanks for the postcard.


Motty contacted me on Couchsurfing to talk about a camp and resort that he works with. They do bird tours and he was interested in my experiences in the UK. When he found out I was a postcard collector, he said he would send me some from the camp. I received an envelope with many stamps on which had 6 postcards from Hornbill Camp. They are all tourist postcards showing the activities and accommodation of the site, but I like this one best as it has a bird on it!

Thanks so much for the postcards and I hope on day I might visit this lovely camp and go exploring for the birds that live here.


Well, if there is one Indian landmark that everyone knows, it's this! This postcard of the Taj Mahal was sent by Neil, who I contacted via couchsurfing. He's been busy with work, so this card was a bit delayed, but it was well worth the wait! He visited Agra last year and no doubt spent a lot of time exploring this "magnificent monument of love built ages ago".

Thanks for the postcard, and glad you liked yours.

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