Thursday, 13 February 2014


Ai sent me this kiwi fruit shaped postcard from her "fruit shaped postcards book". I think this is a really nice idea and I love seeing the different patterns and colours of fruits.

Many thanks for the postcard!


I received this postcard from Chaw, showing a Chestnut Winged Cuckoo. It is a beautiful drawing of this gorgeous bird, much brighter than our own Cuckoo.

Many thanks for the postcard and your words of wisdom!


Kelly sent me this postcards from the Stray Birds series. It shows a wading bird on a beach, with the quote "The fountain of death makes the still waters of life play". She has just started back at school and has lots of assignments and reports to complete already! I'm sure you will get them all done so that you can enjoy the BBQ at the Moon Festival!

Thanks for the postcard and the info.


Yu-Ting sent me this postcard showing the Taiwan Bush Warbler. It is an endemic species to Taiwan and its voice sounds like Di-da-da. I googled it and it sounds amazing - a proper Old World Warbler!

Thanks so much for the postcard.


Nashi lives in Taiwan, but has recently graduated from University where he studied Japanese, and spent last year in Japan as part of an exchange. This postcard shows a park in Hiroshima that he didn't get a chance to visit, but hopes to visit the next time he travels there. It is certainly very beautiful and I hope you do get to visit there soon.

Thanks for the postcard.


"The sparrow is sorry for the peacock at the burden of its tail"
Kelly sent me this postcard of a Pied Wagtail after learning German for the past two months. She really wants to learn more if time allows.

Danke für deine Karte (Thanks for your card!)


Kelly sent me this adorable postcard showing a family of eight Cygnets (baby Swans!) It brings back memories from my University where we had several breeding pairs on the loch and the spring was filled with baby ducks and swans!

Thanks for the postcard, and the lovely drawings too!


I sent a Birthday postcard to Amy for her boyfriend and received this lovely postcard back in exchange. When I first saw it, I thought it was from Japan, with all the cherry blossom! This obviously looks like a very popular place for visitors, going by the number of people waiting for the train.

Thanks so much for your postcard, I really do love it!


Because I was in Scotland, I decided to join the Cow Tag. So I was amazed that this postcard beat me home, all the way from Taiwan! FeiYi sent me this card of the Flying Cow Ranch - I hope they don't actually fly, as that would take a LOT of cleaning after!

Thanks so much for the super fast postcard!


When I started this postcard exchange, I wasn't particularly fussed about the stamps, but this one has to have a mention! According to Kelly, Taipei has some amazing food, which can be bought at night markets. I like the idea of trying new foods when I travel, but am quite a fussy eater so usually stick to something that resembles food back home. I am intrigued by the rice meatball on the stamp - that looks amazing, but think I might leave the "stinky tofu" for someone else, even if you say it is delicious!

Thanks to Kelly for my postcard, and the amusing notes on the stamps.

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