Monday, 17 February 2014


My friend Kat visited the Isle of Arran and sent me this postcard showing Brodick Castle from the air. It looks like a great place to visit, so maybe I'll have to swing by Arran on my next trip to Scotland.

Thank you for the postcard!


On my recent trip home, my dad handed methis postcard saying it would save him postage! Luss is a lovely little village "on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond" (as the song goes!) We drive past it everytime we go to Glasgow but I must admit that I have never stopped for a look around. Definitely getting added to my list of places to visit after seeing this!

Thanks for the postcard dad.


Carolyn sent me this wonderful night scene of the Clyde Arc in Glasgow, aka the Squinty Bridge! We have been on many wildlife adventures together over the years and was very interested to hear that one of the species we volunteered with, water voles, is supposedly living on the Clyde! A bit different to the habitat we studied them in, but it would be great if they can colonise these urban rivers as well as they do the rural ones!

Thanks for the postcard, and maybe you'll have to take me out on a vole watch one evening soon!


Unexpected postcards are definitely the BEST! Joanne is yet another friend from University. She is a Guide leader and sent me this postcard from an activity centre she took her group to last year. They do all sorts of activities here, and her group did her proud by completing the Adventure Challenge Course. She's looking forward to taking her Guides back there this summer on a camping trip.

Thanks for the postcard, sounds like you have a busy summer planned!


Jess is a friend from University who I added to my Facebook Postcard Exchange Group. She posted saying that she was embarking on a trip in March, and I eagerly sent her my address for a postcard or two. I was pleasantly surprised to receive one from her hometown though, as a "tester". Not sure when the photo was taken, as every time I've visited, it's been raining!
Thanks for the postcard, Jess, and hope you have a great time travelling in March! Looking forward to a few more postcards too! :p


William Purdie (aka Ralf) is another friend from University. When I first added him to my Facebook group, he said that it was a great idea as he could send postcards from four places and it would make him think about what there is to say about each place! I was only expecting one from him, so was when I came home to a pile of Scottish postcards, I was a bit amazed!

 Purdie comes from Ayrshire, and walks near Burns Cottage with his dog when he's at home. In Scotland, Robert Burns is a very well celebrated poet, with Burns night being celebrated on the 25th January every year. However, if you spend any time in Ayrshire, you will find that he was apparently born in about 6 different cottages scattered around the region!

This is an old photo of a tiny village called Carsphairn in Dumfries and Galloway. The river is called Water of Deugh and flows from "Windy Standard" to Kendoon Loch, stretching for about 20 miles between the hills of Galloway and the forestry that has replaced much of the sheep farming in the area.

This is a place I know well. Dunblane Cathedral is a few miles away from Stirling University, but there is a lovely walk along the Allanwater which I would take the Nature Society along. The warden of the Cathedral was always very welcoming, especially as we usually had a number of foreign students with us, and would happily answer questions while we explored the magnificent building.

Purdie takes great pride in his military training, and is is part of an Army Reserve Unit, which is based at the Tank Museum in Dorset. When I worked in Swanage, we would drive past this on our way to Lulworth with groups, and am ashamed to say that I never got the opportunity to visit the museum. Apparently it houses over 300 armoured vehicles!

Thanks for the postcards, William. I'll have to scout out some for you now!


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