Monday, 10 March 2014


Kim is a friend from work who was visiting Portugal and promised me a postcard. I got a message from her saying that she had been unable to find one (she was visiting family in Picha, a remote area in the mountains and forest) so was going to make me one instead. I was looking forward to receiving my first home made postcard, and this is what I got! The recipe is for apple jam, which apparently has lots of sugar in it! Might try translating it so I can try it out - never had apple jam before!
I never considered Portugal as a place I'd visit for the wildlife, but reading her description of the owls, woodpeckers and boar, I may have to see about a trip out there someday! Picha is a very traditional village with a market, and the main industry is timber, but I was surprised to see eucalyptus mentioned.

Apparently, Portugal likes to sell postcards on the "wrong" side of the airport, so Kim bought me this postcard and posted it as soon as she landed in the UK.

Thanks again for the postcards, and maybe I'll tag along with you next time you visit!

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