Monday, 10 March 2014


Tanya sent me this postcard of storks. She enjoys travelling, hiking, reading and learning foreign languages, with Swedish being next on the cards. I only know a few words "Hej" meaning Hello, and "svartvit flugsnappare" is Pied Flycatcher, a small migratory bird that is common in the south.

Many thanks for the postcard, and good luck learning Swedish!


I really am enjoying receiving these Fauna of Belarus postcards. This postcard was sent by Alexandr and shows some storks on a nest. They are huge birds and I remember from my travels that their nests can look quite messy on houses and churches. But I'd love them to nest so close to me... watching the babies grow up from your window must be a treat!

Thanks so much for the postcard.


Another bird from Belarus! Catie sent me this postcard showing me a Rook, and said that they are common in parks and gardens, as well as in the forests. They are very used to people. Although they mostly eat insects, they do cause problems by also eating the seeds sown in the spring time.

Thanks so much for the postcard, and the info on Rooks in Belarus!


Tanya sent me this Stork postcard. In literature, Belarus is often called the "land under white wings" which is a beautiful saying. She enjoys watching them flying and in the fields and has seen the much rarer Black Stork once in a preserved forest.

Thanks for the great postcard and insight into Storks in Belarus


Minsk has lots of wonderful architecture! Olya sent me this lovely postcard showing one of the main squares in the town, with the symbolic Stork fountain!
Thanks for the postcard - I think I will definitely need to visit Belarus one day soon to see all of this for myself!


This impressive building is the National Library of Belarus in Minsk. It was sent to me by Andrei who tagged me in the "Who are you?" thread. He described his likes in films and music and said that he has recently returned from the army and is making up for lost time by joining postcrossing to communicate with people around the world.

Thanks for the postcard, and good luck with your plans.

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