Monday, 10 March 2014

Hong Kong

Yip Yin sent me this lovely hand drawn Giraffe postcard, which made me smile. She is very excited about publishing some of her work later this month, which is great! She also tells of a time when she rescued a baby bird from the street, put it in her school bag and spent all day worrying about if the teacher found out. When she got home, she gave the baby some food and eventually it grew up and flew away.

Thanks so much for the postcard and the lovely story, and good luck with you published work!


Ruby sent me this postcard showing a Beagle puppy coming over to say hello. She says that Hong Kong is like a city to China, but they are special administrative region and the culture is very different from China.

Thanks for the postcard.


Liane sent me this impressive night view postcard of the famous Hong Kong skyline. She was a child when Hong Kong was declared independent of the UK in 1997. Since then it has officially been part of China. She says that many people would prefer to be ruled by Britain again.

Thanks for the postcard and the insights into your country.


I received this card and was amazed at the amount of stickers and writing on the back. The stamps were also very nice, with a bird, a dog and a commemorative stamp for stamps!

Thanks so much for the postcard.


Sarah sent me this postcard showing some dumplings, which are a traditional food in Hong Kong. They look a lot nicer than British dumplings, which are basically balls of dough, usually in stews. I was also very excited to have another Glow in the Dark Dinosaur stamp, this time a Protoceratops andrewsi. 

Thanks for the postcard and stamp, I now really want to try these dumplings!


Heidi tagged me in the thread "eyes closed", which means selecting a card at random to send to the person you've tagged. This painting is part of a tour of World Famous Paintings, but Heidi told me about her love of the BBC show Sherlock. I must admit that I don't watch much tv, so don't really follow it, but I know plenty of people who do! I always find it strange that UK shows, especially BBC shows are so popular in other countries. I guess it's the same as us going made over shows made in the USA.

Thanks for the TAG, and an insight into your tv schedule.


My first official Postcrossing Postcard! Alan sent me this postcard showing the rural countryside of Hong Kong - I think it looks very similar to the UK!
I also got some special stamps, 2 birds and a Glow in the Dark dinosaur! Not sure what way to stick this on my wall now, as I want to see the Tuojiangosaurus multispinus glow!

Thanks so much for the postcard and the stamps!

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