Thursday, 20 March 2014


This drawing was made by Lino Enea Spilimergo, a famous Argentinian artist. It is supposed to represent San Juan in 1929, before the city started to grow into the countryside. Paola lives in San Juan, so I can only imagine what it looks like today!

Thanks so much for the postcard and the information about the artists.


Renzo sent me these two surprising postcards from Argentina. Surprising because I naively forgot that Argentina has some pretty high mountains and I did not expect to see snow! These could almost be Scotland!

Mendoza looks like a very pretty area - this postcard reminds me of Central Park in NYC.
I love reflections of landscapes in lakes, and this postcard is amazing for that! The building looks like a hotel or resort but I think the best view is definitely from where the photo was taken!

I definitely hope to visit Argentina in the future, and will make a point of visiting this area! Thanks so much for showing me your province.

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