Monday, 10 March 2014

New Zealand

I received this map card of New Zealand from Lynette. She feels that the best bit of being part of the Commonwealth is the Games, because New Zealand loves sports!

Thanks for the postcard.


The Takahe is a large flightless bird which was thought to be extinct until a small population was discovered. They now survive on offshore islands and number about 270, though chick survival is not great.This bird is chewing the base of the grasses, which they require in high volumes for relatively low nutritional value.

Thanks again to Sharon for this brightly coloured bird.


Not to be confused with the Kakapo, the Kakako (aka Blue Wattled Crow) is another bird from New Zealand that struggles to fly. Sharon says that they instead "run around the trees like squirrels." They are one of her favourite birds and have a beautiful song - I found a youtube video and it is enchanting.

Thanks so much for another Kiwi bird (and no Kiwi yet!)


I got an interesting weather report from Mel in Auckland. Apparently it was a bit chilly when she was writing this card, but was supposed to hit 20 degrees later, which is quite warm for the area. Sounds a bit like Britain, except 20 would be classed as "shorts, t-shirts, flip flops and BBQ weather!"

Thanks for the postcard, and I hope it did warm up a bit later on.


You can't help but smile at this! Sharon sent me this lovely postcard of Sirocco, a mischievous Kakapo who has gained celebrity status for his cheeky antics. Sharon told me about how rare these unique birds are (only 180 left) and they only breed every 3-5 years. But there is good news as they have had some chicks this year, so fingers crossed the population continues to grow.

Thanks so much for the postcard and information about this iconic species.

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