Thursday, 10 April 2014


Cynni sent me this lovely Long Tailed Tit postcard, or as I call them, a Lotty! They are one of my favourite species, like little pinkish-grey pom-poms with really long tails!

Thanks so much for the card, and I hope you had a good day at the Zoo.


Gerda sent me this postcard showing traditional Dutch dress. The women's headpieces look crazy, especially if it is a windy day! Gerda lives with her husband and for their recent anniversary they went to a music concert.

Many thanks for the postcard, and I wish you happiness together.


Cynni sent me this postcard of a White Stork. Last spring she watched a Stork webcam and saw the family raise three chicks.

Thanks for adding a new card to my bird collection.


Wim sent me this lovely ID postcard showing Birds of the Woods. It's interesting that almost all of the species shown also occur in the UK, and I have had the pleasure of handling many of them. Wim says he likes spending time in the woods listening to the birds, and sometimes they will show themselves.

Thanks so much for the postcard.


Heather posted on a facebook group asking for help decluttering. I gladly offered to help and received this lovely postcard showing Den Bosch. She mentioned the special food called a Bossche Bol, which I googled and OMG! A tennis ball sized profiterole, covered in chocolate! If I ever visit, I will most definitely be trying one! Apparently you can also take a boat trip under the city, which presumably is for people who haven't eaten too many Bossche Bol's!

Thanks so much for the postcard and for making me really want chocolate now!

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