Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Georgie sent me this postcard showing Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's. They are very common around where she lives, and make a lot of noise when they fly over the house! They are also very good talkers and her dad keeps one called Charlie, who knows how to say lots of words and can also dance!

Many thanks for the postcard and the info.


Georgia sent me this postcard of the famous Uluru rocks of Northern Australia. She, like many Aussies, enjoyed watching the games "because they are fun and Australia usually does well". In fact, someone she went to high school with won a Gold Medal in the Womens Hockey!

Thanks for the postcard.


I'd love to have these critters wandering around in my back yard! Christine visited a Sanctuary to see some, in a place called Ipswich. She says that there are lots of Welsh place names around, especially as she lives in a mining town. There is a train station nearby called Ebbw Vale!

Thanks for the postcard!


You know a postcard is from Australia when it starts with "G'day!" Tasha sent me this breathtaking postcard showing Cradle Mountain on Tasmania. It is one of the landmarks of this State and is part of the Overland Track, a 65km bushwalk track through the middle of this region. I was surprised to see such a mountainous and rugged place, but I guess the only Australian mountain I'm familiar with is Ayers Rock. It's also strange to hear that winter is coming to the Southern Hemisphere - we've been basking in warm sunshine this week and definitely thinking about packing away the winter clothes.

Thanks so much for the postcard and the information about this region.


This lovely postcard was sent by Sarianna. She has many hobbies, which include sending postcards and travelling. It was raining when she was writing this letter, which I find strange as I forget that Australia also has some rainforests!

Thanks for the postcard and letter.


I received this Australian Outback postcard from Kylie. It shows the area around her hometown in Queensland as she remembers it from her childhood, and I must say, that this is what I think of when someone says Australia! When she was writing this, everyone was enjoying the sunshine on the beach - now, I visited the beach last week, but was dressed in fleece, jeans and jacket!

Thanks so much for the postcard!

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