Sunday, 20 April 2014


My friends Adrienne and Hamid recently got married and spent their Honeymoon in Cyprus. Adie sent me this postcard with 3 things that made her think of my while they were there...
1. She thinks I could name all the flowers that were blooming everywhere.
2. It is full of "small chirpy birds" and lies on the migration route for the Eastern Mediterranean. Apparently 375 species have been recorded and two are indigenous!
3. Apparently there are lots of yummy sounding "Childrens Cocktails" or "Drink and Drive Cocktails" (I don't drink alcohol).

I hope you brought back some mocktail recipes to try when I next visit, and maybe I will add Cyprus to my list of birding countries to visit in the future! Thanks for the postcard, and glad you had an awesome time, Mr and Mrs H!

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