Sunday, 31 August 2014

Collection of Bird Postcards

I have been calling myself a "birder" since December 2012, although I have always had an interest in our feathered friends. Why the sudden change from general naturalist to ornithologist? I started Bird Ringing and signed up with the British Trust for Ornithology as a Trainee. For those who don't know, bird ringing (or banding as it is called in some countries) is the process of catching birds and fixing a small metal ring to their legs, while taking biometric data such as wing length and weight before releasing it back where it came from. Each ring has a unique number which means that if that bird is caught again, or found by a member of the public and reported, we know where it has come from and how its condition has changed. This method of monitoring birds has answered so many questions about bird populations and migration, and is always being developed and used for new studies on birds around the world.

Being able to see and handle birds has greatly improved my identification skills, knowledge about migration, breeding and behaviour, and has led to many amazing experiences in the UK and abroad (see my Birding Blog)
Me and Carlos with a collection of Baby Blue Tits (Kvismaren 2014)
My first Bird of Prey - a female Sparrowhawk (Anglesey 2013)
Puffin Island Adventures (Anglesey 2013)

Baby Flycatcher (Ă–land 2014)
So when I started exchanging postcards, I thought I should have a collection of something, and opted for Birds. Since February 2014 I have been a regular on the Postcrossing forum looking for swaps, tags and round robins on the theme of birds, and 6 months later I have collected over 60 cards from 19 countries! Many thanks to everyone who has helped with my collection so far. Below I have them arranged by Country sets and will add more details when I have a little more time.
If anyone would like to help my collection grow, please contact me!

 The UK
 New Zealand
 Sri Lanka

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